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Welcome to First Church of Christ, Unitarian
Lancaster, MA

an inclusive community church celebrating the richness of many spiritual traditions,
nurturing spiritual growth and community for all ages,
caring for one another and serving the world.

No matter who you are,
No matter where you are on life's journey,
you are welcome here!

Join us for worship, religious education and fellowship
Sundays at 10:30am.




Coming Up in Worship & Religious Education



Sun Nov 02 @10:30AM -
"Remembering All Saints and All Souls"
Rev. Bob Johansen

A traditional service of remembrance as we toll the bell in memory of our departed loved ones.

Choir rehearsal at 9:15am in the Sanctuary


Religious Education & Youth Special Events


Sun Nov 02 @10:30AM -
Regular Religious Ed Class
Children begin in the Sanctuary with their families then leave with their teachers for class.

Beginner Group -> Session#5 of Love Will Guide Us focuses on the first UU Source: the sense of wonder we all share. The children will consider human nature and focus on finding beauty in unexpected places. A story about a gem carver and a craft illustrates the concept.
Teacher: Jessica Fish

Primary Group -> The Tibetan Buddhists have a tradition of writing prayers on pieces of fabric. The prayers are wishes for peace, compassion, and happiness for all beings. The children will create and hang their own flags to move in the wind. The group will talk about air and the power that comes from stillness and listening. We will discuss how sometimes very small things that we do can have a big impact.
Teacher: Donna Davisson

Youth Group -> November 2nd & 9th WKSP #5 & #6 Judaism – The Birth of the Abrahamic Tradition. The Youth Group will explore concepts and practices of Judaism.
Guest Speaker: Andrew Berkowitz. Andrew comes to us with a wealth of knowledge about the religious and cultural aspects of Judaism. He was raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., studied Hebrew for 12 years, speaks Yiddish, volunteered on a kibbutz in Israel and was in the Israeli army. The Youth Group will participate in a Passover Seder and will gain a greater understanding of other Jewish holidays as well. The meaning of words such as: kosher, tzvaka, messianic, tikkum olam will be discussed. Youth Group! Please bring your questions about Orthodox Judaism, foods, and traditions. If you participate in the Afikomen tradition, you might leave the classroom with a couple more dollars in your pocket.

Nursery: Katie