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Welcome to First Church of Christ, Unitarian
Lancaster, MA

an inclusive community church celebrating the richness of many spiritual traditions,
nurturing spiritual growth and community for all ages,
caring for one another and serving the world.

No matter who you are,
No matter where you are on life's journey,
you are welcome here!

Join us for worship, religious education and fellowship
Sundays at 10:30am.


Easter Services 2015

Mar 29 @10:30am - Palm Sunday

Apr 3, Friday @7:00pm - Tenebrae Service

Apr 5 @6:00am - Easter Sunrise Service (offsite)

Apr 5 @10:30am - Easter Sunday


Coming Up in Worship & Religious Education



Sun Mar 29 @10:30AM -
Palm Sunday: Were You There?
Rev. Bob Johansen

We'll celebrate Palm Sunday by hearing Luke's account of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, his betrayal, arrest, trial and death. The gospel narrative will be interspersed with some of our most sacred hymns and songs.

Choir rehearsal at 9:15am in the Sanctuary

Fri Apr 03 @ 7:00PM -

Rev. Bob Johansen


Religious Education & Youth Special Events


Sun Mar 29 @10:00AM - 10:30AM
Children's Choir Practice
Children ages 5-18 are welcome to join our Children's Choir.

The heart of a children's choir is in the community building and skill development that occurs. Choral singing builds self-confidence, memory skills, social development, and emotional expression. Music is fun, first! It is about enjoying the experience of singing.

Children's choir meets approximately twice a month in the Sanctuary and is directed by Kallin Johnson.

Sun Mar 29 @10:30AM -
Regular Religious Ed Class
Children begin in the Sanctuary with their families then leave with their teachers for class.

Children's Choir practice at 10:00 in the Sanctuary

Beginner Group -> This concluding session reinforces and celebrates connections among love, Unitarian Universalism, and the seven Sources. The story "Love is the Golden Rule" draws from many Sources to encourage participants to hold love as a central guiding force. Although this is the concluding session for this program, we will continue to offer lessons, activities, and stories as they relate to the theme of Love Will Guide Us.
Teacher: Sharon Poch

Primary Group -> The power of water is the power of persistence, of moving past all barriers one drop at a time, until a flood collects that can break down walls. In this session participants learn about Universalist minister Phebe Hanaford, who devoted 60 years of her life to working for women's suffrage, and finally won the right to vote at the age of 90. This class will experience persistence and patience in an art project, by carving soap. The story, "The Old Alchemist", offers a fun twist on how persistence can turn dirt into gold.
Teacher: Chris Fish

Youth Group -> FOODS AROUND THE WORLD. The Youth Group will prepare foods that are used in religious communities and traditions. Many of the foods are associated with a particular date or season. Some such foods have passed into secular use. However, the foods served during coffee hour will have a religious origin with a focus on religious symbolism.
Teacher: Susan Berkowitz

Nursery: Alina