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Welcome to First Church of Christ, Unitarian
Lancaster, MA

an inclusive community church celebrating the richness of many spiritual traditions,
nurturing spiritual growth and community for all ages,
caring for one another and serving the world.

No matter who you are,
No matter where you are on life's journey,
you are welcome here!

Join us for worship, religious education and fellowship
Sundays at 10:00am.



Coming Up in Worship & Religious Education



Sun Oct 04 @10:00AM - 11:00AM
"Pray Then in This Way" Communion Sunday
Rev. Bob Johansen

20151004OOS Pray This Way smallTHEME: "The Greatest Prayer" - A Four Part Sermon Series on the Lord's Prayer

Jesus’ disciples asked him to “teach us to pray.” We will explore Jesus’ teachings to “pray then in this way” What did it mean for Jesus and what it might it mean for us to call on God as “Father.”

Choir Rehearsal at 9:00am in the Sanctuary.

Sun Oct 11 @10:00AM - 11:00AM
"Your Kingdom Come"
Rev. Bob Johansen

20151011OOS Your Kingdom Come smallTHEME: "The Greatest Prayer" - A Four Part Sermon Series on the Lord's Prayer

What are we praying for with this phrase at the heart of the Lord’s Prayer? We will explore Jesus’ message in the context of his time and ours.

Choir Rehearsal at 9:30am in the Sanctuary.


Religious Education & Youth Special Events

Sun Oct 04 @ 9:30AM - 10:00AM
Children's Choir Practice
Children ages 5-18 are welcome to join our Children's Choir.

The heart of a children's choir is in the community building and skill development that occurs. Choral singing builds self-confidence, memory skills, social development, and emotional expression. Music is fun, first! It is about enjoying the experience of singing.

Children's choir meets approximately twice a month in the Sanctuary and is directed by Kallin Johnson.

Sun Oct 04 @10:00AM -
Religious Ed Classes & Sr Workshop
Children & Youth report directly to their classrooms. They will return to the sanctuary and join us for communion.

Beginner Group (K – 4th gr.) -> In session #2 of Picture Book Bible Tales, the children will hear a story entitled “Adam & Eve’s First Sunset: God’s New Day by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso. This story explores fear, faith, hope and gratitude. We will explore how some things in life are beyond our control. The children will make blessing or prayer books to take home.
Teacher: Susan Berkowitz

Jr. Youth Group (5th – 7th gr.) -> This fourth session of Bibleodeon presents the biblical story of Cain and Abel and raises basic religious questions about the origin and nature of evil. This class may have an air of mystery about it.
Teacher: Valorie Parent
Aide: Joan Ogden

Sr. Youth Group (8th – 11th gr.) -> WKSP #3 – Peace and Put-downs. The process of building bonds within the group continues by: creating an accepting community in which the gifts of the participants are recognized; creating a community that challenges the social hierarchies and divisions that exist outside the group; and strengthing the bonds of understanding & trust with group leaders. The process of journaling continues.
Leaders: Steve Tarver & Jessica Fish

Nursery: Cassie

Sun Oct 11 @10:00AM -
Club UU/All Ages
Children begin in the Sanctuary with their families then leave with their teachers for class.

Beginner, Jr., & Sr. Groups -> Making scarecrows to enter in the contest at the Pumpkin Fest on October 17th.