Meditation class-2014Adult religious education can be as narrow as "a study of Psalm 23" or as broad as "overcoming depression."

It can be spiritual or secular, aimed at the earth or aimed at the heart.

This year we have worked to add a diverse program of adult education sessions to our religious education studies. We have begun a weekly meditation group.


meditation group 2014

If you have ideas, please share them with Rev. Johansen or a member of the Worship Committee and join us!

Ongoing Programs

meditationOur Mindfulness Meditation Group welcomes new members at all levels of experience. Learn the essential methods of mindfulness meditation; study the core teachings of the Buddha; enjoy interesting related discussions with the group. This autumn we will hold a series of teachings and discussion that center around practicing mindfulness in an uncertain social, economic and environmental climate.

Get more information about the Mindfulness Meditation Group and mindfulness meditation resources.


The meditation group meets on Tuesdays, 6:00 - 7:30pm in the church parlor. Check Meditation News and Facebook for schedule updates.