2013 RE Horseshed FairWe have many special events throughout the year in our Religious Education Program. Listed below is a sampling of what we've done over the past several years. Specific dates for upcoming events will be available as the year progresses on the website as well as in weekly emailed announcements and our Sunday Order of Service. Please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information!

Welcome Back Ice Cream Social

Every church year starts with a traditional Water Communion, Pot Luck Coffee Hour, and Ice Cream Social!

2013 RE Tower tourBon Fire

The Youth Groups of First Church of Christ-Unitarian, Lancaster and First Parish Churches of Bolton, Stow & Acton come together for fun and fellowship at the annual evening Bon Fire.

Horseshed Fair

Children and Youth of all ages sign up to be a part of the Horseshed Fair. There is lots to do: make popcorn, paint faces, work in the BBQ pit, serve pie & tea, help out in Kids Corner, or enjoy homemade baked goods while shopping around the fair.

2013 RE HalloweenBell Tower Tour

Every fall the Primary Class and Youth Group travel up the narrow brick staircases to the Bell Tower. They are witness to the inner workings of the church clock, the old organ, the attic, the Paul Revere Bell, and a spectacular view.


The First Church of Christ, Lancaster is part of "Halloween on the Town Green". Children come to collect candy and ring the church bell. Youth dress in costume to be part of our "spooky" church.

Bird Feeders

The Primary Class makes bird feeders to hang outside during the cold winter months. They fill and maintain these feeders all winter long.

Mitten Tree2013 RE Mitten tree

The Beginner Class cut, glue, and tie ribbons on paper mittens. Each mitten is hung on the Christmas tree and they display the names of children who need toys or clothing for the holidays. Members of our church community, young and old, buy for these children in need and put the gifts under the tree. "Helping Hands" is the theme of this special class. Names & requested items are provided by Wheat Services, Clinton MA.

Christmas Pageant

The Christmas Pageant comes complete with costumes, music, and a colorfully lit stage. Celebrating the origins of Christmas was at the center of our pageant this past year. The Christmas tree, Candles, Carolers, and the traditional Nativity Scene were all part of our celebration.

2013 RE Christmas pageantFaith in Action

Children of all ages participate in the Faith in Action project. They raised $250.00 and collected a truckload of items for Babies and Pets this past year. Baby food, diapers, wipes, dog & cat food, to name a few of the supplies that were collected. The children were thrilled and proud to load the Wheat Truck that came to the church one Sunday morning. All children participate in a new Faith in Action project each year.

Easter Sunday

The First Church of Christ – Unitarian, Lancaster, participates in the town Easter Egg Hunt by serving donuts, cider, and coffee to hunters and their parents. During the Easter church service, children are invited to the classroom to enjoy a Beatrix Potter story while visiting with bunny guests.

Children's Sunday2014 RE Easter guest

In the spring, the children and youth are very much a part of planning and participating in the Sunday Service. Bibles, certificates, and occasionally hymnals are awarded to children who have reached milestones. It is truly a memorable service with music and stories of what the children have learned throughout the year.

Sunset Bell Tower Tour

The youth from First Parish Churches of Bolton, Stow & Acton come to Lancaster for an evening of games, food, and a Bell Tower Tour!

Field Trips

In keeping with our Faith in Action theme for 2014, the children visited a working farm this past spring. A different field trip is planned for every spring.

2014 RE EasterGuest Speakers

We have had various guest speakers join the children on Sunday Mornings: both adults and children were fascinated by a Birds of Prey presentation. The children moved and danced to the rhythm of drums a couple years ago. This past year a local veterinarian spoke about Kindness Toward Animals and the Treatment of Domestic Animals. This church year, the children are learning about following UU Sources for direction like many cultures follow the stars. Our guest speaker will bring a telescope to class and will speak about astronomy. The children will see the sun and moon on that special Sunday morning.

Strawberry Fest

Children love to help out at the annual Strawberry Fest. Setting tables, serving strawberry shortcake in their hand painted aprons, and cleaning up.