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"The Power of Gratitude" - November, 2017

They’ve been called the most powerful words in the English language—“thank you.”

When we say “thank you” to others, it changes our relationship with them, strengthens it, deepens it. Try it with your spouse, your partner, your parents. Take a minute for heartfelt appreciation for something about them, something specific they’ve done, something that’s a joy, a pleasure, something that blesses your life...

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"In Defense of Witches" - October 29, 2017

It wouldn’t be Halloween without witches, usually pictured as cackling hags dressed in black robes and pointy hats, riding on broomsticks or bent over a cauldron concocting a potion out of eye of newt and toe of frog. The evil witch of the Wizard of Oz defined witches for generations of us...

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"An Epidemic in our Medicine Cabinets" - October 15, 2017

I’ve never been stuck in quicksand, thank God, never been caught in a riptide pulling me relentlessly into deeper water. But I have been caught in an icy skid in an out-of-control car, my brakes all but useless, and at a certain point in my life, I found myself caught in a downward spire of alcoholism where everything my body told me about finding relief no longer worked...

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"Our Catholic Roots" - October 1, 2017

Like most New England Protestants, I was raised with what I now recognize as a substantial dose of anti-Catholicism. There was a smugness about our Congregational conviction that all Catholics were “wrong” and probably going to hell. They worshipped the Pope and plaster saints, and believed all kinds of superstitious magic. I can still remember Mrs. Alexander, my 7th grade Sunday School teacher, warning us that we too would go to hell if we dated or married a catholic...

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"The Same, Yet Different" - September 17, 2017

“We are born in mystery, we live in mystery, and we die in mystery”—so declares scholar and practitioner of world religions, Huston Smith. “We are born in mystery, we live in mystery, and we die in mystery.”

If you have any doubt about this, listen to your children. Or better yet, try to answer their questions and the even deeper questions inherent in them—where do babies come from? And where did the very first baby come from?

Who made the world? Where did people and animals come from?

Why do people get sick?

And why do bad things happen in the world?

Why do the people we love have to die and what happens to them? Why? Why? Why?...

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