Getting to Know You: Survey Sunday

This week’s service focuses on understanding our own faith and learning to express it. In Unitarian Universalism, we believe in the free and responsible search for truth and meaning, as stated in our Fourth Principle. It is important to not only create space in the world for ourselves and our own beliefs, but safety and inclusivity for the beliefs of others. When we share our beliefs and listen to the beliefs of others, we are all made stronger in faith. Surveys on our spiritual and religious belief will be distributed by the RE Junior Youth as a project of their faith development curriculum which will help church leadership continue to present Sunday services that are a direct reflection of the current congregation.

Special musical guest: Inside Track 

Inside Track is a Barbershop Quartet from New Hampshire that has been singing together for 20 years.  They consist of two second generation Barbershop singers and two first generation Barbershop singers. Eric sings Lead or Melody, not only because he has the best voice but because he cannot hear a harmony part.  Eric is also a professional Chef.  Gil sings Bass, or the lowest notes, primarily because he’s the only one in the group that can.  He is an Elementary School Physical Education teacher.  Roger, sings Baritone mostly and Tenor occasionally, when he loses a bet.  He is a wheeler dealer and will buy and sell most anything.  Houston sings Tenor, or occasionally Baritone, when he wins a bet.  He is a Physicist.

Inside Track rehearses or performs every week and has reached the Northeastern District Quartet Contest Finals three times.  They love to entertain and will sing at every opportunity. While primarily singing in the Barbershop musical form, they will venture into other acappella styles. They rehearse at Houstoneering Studio, a music recording facility, and plan to actually turn on the equipment someday.  Recently, after singing for a hospital staff, they were asked, “Is IT contagious?”  Inside Track would certainly like to think so!

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