Music is very important to us here at First Church of Christ, Unitarian. We incorporate music at every service as well as have special music services where we have local musicians play and/or speak with us. Our music is an eclectic blend of traditional hymns, classical music, jazz, folk and secular songs, and Taize chant. We are blessed with a magnificent 1869 Simmons organ, a vintage AB Chase grand piano, and a talented musician, Kallin Johnson, who is a master of both instruments. Besides playing piano and organ at our services, Kallin directs both the adult and children’s choirs.

Adult Choir

Our Adult choir sings at most services and practices on Sundays at 9:00am, in the Sanctuary. Parents who would like to participate in choir can request childcare for their little ones by contacting our Religious Education Director. The choir schedule is determined monthly and is available in our weekly announcement email, or by contacting our music director.

Children’s Choir

People often think the purpose of a children’s choir is to perform during worship from time to time. Performance (celebration) is the frosting on the cake. The real heart of a children’s choir is in the community building and skill development that occurs. Choral singing builds self -confidence, memory skills, social development, and emotional expression. Music is fun, first! It is about enjoying the experience of singing!

Interested children sing and/or play instruments at various special services throughout the year. For more information, please contact our Religious Education Director.