April 12, 2020: Easter Sunday

The Wisdom of Goats

“Play. Eat. Love. Be silly. Jump and dance. Snuggle. Delight in beauty. Stay close to family and friends. Revel in community. Be grateful.” Joe Jencks: Musician, Songwriter, Vocalist

Bashaw Farm
Dear DeCosta family, thank you for sharing!
Baby Goats at play!

Easter Contest!

Name a Baby Goat by Easter Sunday, April 12th
Send your goat names to Susan Berkowitz. Must be under 21 yrs. old to participate.
See more Baby Goat Pictures!

Creating UU Sabbath Space: The Family Chalice

A very fun video! (I especially like the dog chalice)
Chalice Challenge video

Create a Lego chalice

For Inspiration
Chalice Compendium on Pinterest