This church belongs to us… both the building and all we do in it. We own it. We are not subsidized by any larger religious organization so it is on us to pay our own way.  We rely solely on one another to contribute in order to keep the lights on, pay the staff, fill the oil tank and to maintain our programs.

It’s not easy to run a household, provide for a family and contribute to a few of the many deserving organizations asking for your support. Few have income that can stretch far enough to cover it all. So we have to make choices. The Church continues to expand our outreach and fundraising efforts but when it comes right down to it, it is our own steady individual contributions that constitute our financial backbone. We hope that you will consider what our church is worth to you, to your family, and to our community as you make these choices.

We want to make it easy! There are many ways to contribute and we encourage you to adopt the way that is best for you.

Online Giving with
We have recently adopted as our online giving platform. It allows you to easily make a one-time gift or set up automatic recurring payments. It can be set up to charge either a credit card or a bank account. Of course, we encourage you to use automatic payments because it allows us to be more accurate in our budgeting throughout the year.

To make things even easier, also offers an app that you can load to your Smartphone. Once you set up your account, you can just open the App and make a one-time gift or a recurring gift with a couple of taps. To contribute using, please click below.

Please choose the appropriate category for your donation (General Fund, WHEAT Cafe)

Online Banking – Autopay
Your bank likely provides the option to make automatic payments from your bank account. In order to set this up you will need to sign up for Online Banking with your bank. Then you will need to set up the automated payment by providing the routing number for First Church.

Cash or Check – The old fashioned way!
Of course not everyone is comfortable contributing online. You are always welcome to give during the offertory or by mail!

Whatever you contribute and however you choose to do so, we thank you for your generosity!