While everyone is welcome here, becoming a voting member of First Church is about building a mutually-beneficial relationship between you and the congregation. It’s about taking the time to find out more about each other so that we can not only discover ways you can be of service to the church that fulfill and inspire you, but also discover ways that the congregation can serve you as well. We all come to church to be filled. We come to allow ourselves to relent a little bit and seek inspiration. We come to seek community. To be a little less alone in a crowd. We come for belonging. All are welcome!

If you would like to fill out our Diversity Survey, it will help us to understand the beliefs of our church community. We are happy to have you take the survey solely as a form of self-exploration, but if possible please submit it, so that our services can better reflect the beliefs of our church community.

Take the Diversity Survey online here or download/print the survey here.

Membership During the Pandemic

If you have enjoyed our virtual services as we navigate the pandemic, perhaps you might consider becoming a member! During the pandemic, we all need community more than ever. While we are physically apart, we will still welcome new members. Formal membership is a public commitment that this community is important to you and your spiritual development.

It means you acknowledge your willingness to help others in their lives and spiritual and intellectual growth, and acceptance of a diversity of lifestyles and beliefs without judgment. If you would like to discuss membership or either the Fitchburg or the Lancaster congregations, contact our minister, Wil Darcangelo or the church office.