Volunteering is an essential part of what First Church is about.  We contribute to our weekly church services and fellowship by acting as greeters and liturgists, and organizing post-worship coffee hours. We also help ourselves by volunteering for church events and projects.  For example, the annual Horseshed Fair requires a major input of volunteer effort to coordinate and implement, from preparing the site for 75 crafters to display their wares, to making more than 100 pies and vats of chili, flipping burgers and handling the cleanup afterwards.  It’s not only a significant event for the community, it’s our biggest annual fundraiser.  The Building & Grounds committee handles upkeep on our 200 year old church (listed as National Historic Landmark) and keeps the wood bins full.  You see, we still heat the church with wood stoves, and it takes about 8 cords of wood each year. 

Perhaps more important, we help others as and where we’re needed.   To do this requires keeping a finger on the pulse of the community, via the many organizations that serve different aspects of community life, ranging from the Thayer Memorial Library, Lancaster Senior Center, Wheat Community Services (etc.)