May 3, 2020

A family of possibility lives in an exciting world, one where everyone’s individual gifts, talents, skills, wisdom, and quirks come together to create moments that defy assumption and expectation.

Colorful Possibilities

Possibility with Riddles
Some have more than one right answer.

Creating UU Sabbath Space
Week Three

Item 4:  Preparing to Add Your Giving Bowl
Your giving bowl does not need to be a “Bowl”.  You can make, a giving jar or even an offering shoebox.  (with help from an adult)

Your offering does not need to be monetary:  write good intentions on slips of paper and put them into the container.  If you choose a monetary offering, discuss who the recipient of your family offering will be.  Consider our traditional spring Faith in Action collection for BePawsitive Therapy Pets, with an end date of June 7th.  Please contact Susan Berkowitz by email if you plan to collect for this cause.