Easter Sunday & Sunrise Service

Easter sunrise service: 6:00 am. This service will be live, outdoors (weather permitting, at Frank Streeter’s house.) It will also be streamed on Zoom.

This sunrise Easter service follows the story of the resurrection and ascension of Jesus the Nazarene as it has been handed down to us. As our story begins, Jesus the Nazarene has already been tried, convicted and executed by crucifixion. His body had been taken down, wrapped in linen and placed into a solitary tomb. A heavy stone was rolled before the door to seal it. It is the third day.

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Easter Sunday “Renovating Easter”: 10:30 am. This service will be live, outdoors, weather permitting. It will also be streamed on Zoom.

Easter is meant to be a celebration of resurrection and renewal. Interestingly the Greek word for ‘renewal’ used in the Bible has a root word which actually means to renovate. That’s a very important distinction. To renew something is not the same as to renovate it. To renovate is to repurpose. To take the old and make new things with it.

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Recorded services are posted on our Facebook page and YouTube Virtual Church channel.