Summer Meditation: Accomplishing Compassion

Wil Darcangelo with music by Nina & Mike Vecchi

What is it about forgiveness that is so challenging to people? Even though we often say that we should be forgiving, how often do we actually manage it? Our Sunday Summer meditation series continues with a brief talk by our minister Wil Darcangelo on the spiritual practice of forgiveness and a guided meditation designed to help us open ourselves to a different approach. 

“Forgive them. They know not what they do.” This is one quote applicable to all. Especially right now. Forgiveness is problem-solving mode whereas a lack of forgiveness is a problem causing mode. It comes down to where you’re choosing to place your energy. When we’re angry and resentful of others, we use up a lot of energy on it. We use up a lot of our creativity in finding ways to either confront the person or avoid the person. We ruminate in our head fantasies of arguments in which we always win. We sometimes even plot our revenge.

When we forgive someone, we are not letting them off the hook. We are just easing back on how much we let them piss us off. We take some time to consider the perspective of the person who has committed the problem and don’t use our anger as a way of creating the solution.

This summer we offer weekly, pre-recorded meditation services. Take a brief pause to unwind and decompress. Breathe. All recorded services and summer meditations are available on our YouTube channel.

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