Speaker: Daniel Poch

Dan was born in Maine and raised in Maine, Massachusetts, and a couple of different locations in Pennsylvania. He returned to MA for college where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a minor in philosophy. He now lives in Lancaster with his wife of 30 years and their 3 children. He’s worked in Marlboro as a software engineer for 25 years.

The Sea of Time

We spend our lives in the sea of time, but how aware of time are we? Join Dan as he takes a look at our awareness of time and how we can use that awareness to make meaningful connections in our lives.

Purging Our Concerns

Join us for a special end-of-year service with Dan Poch designed to purge our concerns from the past year and enter the new year afresh. Following the sermon, the congregation will process outside (weather permitting) to the fire pit to participate in a ritual burning … read more.

What If God Is Real?

When we act as if God is real, we can’t ignore the cries of our neighbors. We can’t un-hear the concerns of the neighborhood, or un-see the refuse in the streets. We cannot pretend that we are individuals, living a life separate from those around … read more.

The Gospel of Judas

Join us for a fascinating service on the subject of the infamous Judas Iscariot and his actions. They hold a greater purpose most of us do not consider. The Gospel of Judas, a second-century document that first surfaced in the 1970s and was finally published … read more.