Speaker: Deborah Demazure

Deb is a Lay Minister at First Parish in Fitchburg. Raised a Catholic, by parents who were open to questioning their faith, Deborah‘s first crisis of consciousness began after she saw Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway when she was 19 years old. That experience sent her on the path to discovering a higher power of her own understanding and a spiritual practice that nourished her soul.

From her “born-again“ experience at a Pentecostal Charismatic church, to her vow of devotion to an American born adept of the Hindu lineage, she finally found her home in the all encompassing principles and sources of the Unitarian Universalist faith.

Deborah holds a BA in Communications, a BS in Natural Health, as well as a certificate in massage therapy from New England Institute of Whole Health. She has served as a Sunday school teacher and a Sunday school superintendent. Over the last years, she has been a regular guest speaker at several area churches.

Deborah’s real strength lies in her insatiable curiosity and study of all things spiritual and her ability to communicate what she has learned to others.

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