Speaker: Shay Bradham

Shay Bradham is the author of Activism for Introverts: 9 Simple Ways Anyone Can Change the World. She is also the owner of Purrfectly Pagan Magazine and the Organizer of the Fitchburg Pagan Group in Fitchburg, MA.

Nurturing Our Need for Connection

All of us have an innate need for connection, but making friends as an adult can be challenging. Join us as we explore how to intentionally make connections every day and how to nurture the connections
we already have.

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Activism for Introverts

Join us as we welcome Fitchburg congregant Shay Bradham, author of the book “Activism for Introverts” as she explores with us the various ways we can find meaning and inspiration in serving others, even if we’re shy, introverted, or, like many of us, busy! 

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